Kind attention dear Colleagues who are drawing pay in Level 6 [ Most Important ]

Today  is the last date (11.03.2019) to utilise the opportunity to  revise the option of 7th CPC Pay.

Those are promoted to Grade Pay Rs. 4200(level 6l grade pay by regular promotion or MACP on or after 1.1.16 should utilise this opportunity within tomorrow by opting 7th CPC pay as on date of next increment which is coming after such level 6 pay upgradation.

Because of opting like this we may get Rs.3000 to Rs.3600 more Basic pay than we are getting now. But we should repay the already drawn 7th CPC pay and arrears up to such revision date.

So Don't miss this opportunity and give revised option tomorrow to your HPO on 11.03.2019.

Representation model -1

For officials promoted to Level 6 by regular promotion or MACP II after 25.07.2016


            The Postmaster,

   Through proper channel

                         Sub: CCS RP Rues 2016-opportunity for revision of option to come over to        revised pay structure VII CPC–reg

                      Ref: 1. MOFNo.4-13/17-IC/E-III A dated 12.12.2018.
                             2. DG No.2-16/2017- PAP dated 28.12.2018.

                  Consequent on the implementation of VII CPC, earlier I have opted to switch over to the revised pay structure w.e.f. 01.01.2016.
                    As per orders cited under reference I wish to revise my option as follows:

1.      I hereby elect to continue on pay band and grade pay until the date of subsequent increment on 01.07.2018/01.07.2017/01.07.2016

2.      I have been financially upgraded to Level 6 by the virtue of Regular promotion/MACP II on  (Date)                       .

       Revised pay may be fixed on VII CPC pay structure w.e.f. (Ex. 01.07.2016/01.07.2017/01.07.2018). I am willing to repay the overpayment of arrears consequent on this revised option. Revised option form relates to VII CPC is enclosed herewith.
                                                    Thanking you Sir,                                    
Place:                                                                                            Yours faithfully,


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