33rd All India Postal Cultural Event being held Postal Training Centre, Vadodara on 24.01.2019

PRESS NOTE – 24.01.2019

        Some of the great performances took place on the third day of The 33rd All India Postal Cultural Event being held Postal Training Centre, Vadodara. The day was of Classical dance and participants presented high rise talent with colourful costumes and made the viewers enthralled. The details of the Cultural Events performed by the Participants & the Names of the Winners are as under:

Solo Dance Bharatnatyam Sr.
1.Divya Rakhecha (Gujarat Circle)
2.ShreeLaxmi K. V. (Kerala Circle)
3. Kumari M P S Prithi (Telangana Circle)
Solo Dance Bharatnatyam Jr.
1.Harshini S Kumar (Karnataka Circle)
1. Nandana Suresh (Kearala Circle)
2. Gargee Bharali (Assam circle)
This is the event where two Participants were holding 1st Position.
Solo Dance Katthak Sr.
1. Priyal Najpandya (MP Circle)
2. Anisha Lakra (Assam Circle)
3. Debajani Nayak (Odisha Circle)
Solo Dance Katthak Jr.
1.Vrushali Fatak (Gujarat Circle)
2. Aditi Vaidhya ( MP Circle)
3. Jiya (Bihar Circle)
Solo Dance Kuchipudi Sr.
1. ShreeLaxmi K. V. (Kerala Circle)
2. Ms. Rahimunnissa Begem (Tamilnadu Circle)
Solo Dance Kuchipudi Jr.
1. Nandana Suresh (Kerala Circle)
2. S. Nithiha (Tamilnadu Circle)
3.Harshini S Kumar (Karanataka Circle)
Solo Dance Manipuri Jr.
1. Durga Ram (Kerala Circle)
2. Yashi Tiwari (MP Circle)
Solo Dance Katthakali Jr.
1. Durga Ram (Kerala Circle)
Solo Dance Odissi Sr.
1. Debjani Nayak (Odisha Circle)
2. Rupesh Mahatre (Maharashtra Circle)
Solo Dance Odissi Jr.
1. Varatha Nandkishore
2. Samikhya Mohanty ( Odisha Circle)
Solo Dance Sattriya Sr.
1. Anisha Lakre (Assam Circle)
2.Kumari Aditi Nema (MP Circle)
Solo Dance Sattriya Jr.
1. Prasansha lakra (Assam Circle)
2. Lekshmi Ram (Kerala Circle)

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