Procedure to install Mantra devices for IPPB Rollout (Biometric Device Configuration)

Procedure to install Mantra devices for IPPB Rollout [Biometric Device Configuration]

Stop following services (if any there):
1. ACPL FM220 Registered Device service
2. Morpho 
Note: Better uninstall other RD services if not required.

Download Drivers & RD Services:

Download required mantra drivers and RD services from its official sites.

  • Install Mantra MFS100 Driver Setup & MFS100 RD Service as per Operating System.
  • Both Setup should Run as Administrator privileges
  • Restart service in Services.MSC
  • Unplug and plug the Mantra device for ready to use
  • Then change IE settings as mentioned below

  • After IE configuration, the followings sites should be added under trusted sites
Once the above configuration is done, the below URL may be invoked in IE and the result of the URL is "Can' reach this page"

RD Service Test Application

1) HTTPS : (Test https URL if your website is in https)
  • By running RD Service Test application, user can detect all RD Services installed in their system.
  • User can get Device Information which is connected to its system by clicking on Discover ADM.
  • By calling capture function of RD service, user can capture biometric data
  • After Success Message Device is ready to capture finger print.

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