Thursday, January 25, 2018

RTI reply by Directorate on engagement of GDS beyond 5 hours

seeking information from Directorate through RTI regarding Number of GDS working beyond 5 hours.
Directorate Reply : Issue mentioned as hypothetical

GDS Conduct&Engagement Rules,2011

As per Conduct&Engagement Rules,2011

Rule 3 A(i) : A Sevak shall not be required to perform duty beyond a maximum period of 5 hours in a day.
Rule 3 A (iii) : A Sevak shall have to give an undertaking that he has other sources of income besides the allowances paid or to be paid by the Government for adequte means of livelihood for himself and his family.

Department of Posts clearly mention in C&E Rules and also replied in RTI " that no GDS perform their duties beyond 5 hours.

As per Rule 3A (iii) , alternative source of income criteria is also a mandatory one.

In these circumstances on what basis Officers of DoP direct the GDS to open more number of accounts and BD business which reflected in working hours of GDS and how the question of alternative source of income arises in the cases of Maximum scale GDS.

If DoP and Officers of DoP permit GDS to work more than 5 hours then automatically the Rule 3A(iii) of GDS C&E Rules automatically disappeared. This situation must amend the Rule 3A(i) of C&E and provide 8 hours duty to all Gramin Dak Sevaks.

If DoP implement the Rule 3A(iii) of C&E , then automatically , the Officers of DoP should not insisted the Group of GDS who are in the maximum scale i.e.5 hours.

I think Officers of DoP not ignored the Directorate orders.
GDS Conduct &Engagement Rules, 2011 are non- statuatory ,illegal and Un Constitutional.

Humble Request to DoP Officers:

1.We have a family wife,childrens,brothers,sisisters,mother,father,grand mother, grand father like you to look after.

2.We have also a dream to settle our children in good manner like you.

3.We are also interested to construct a house for safty living not like your Duplex.

4.We spent nearly 50% of our TRCA towards our family medical expenses.

5. My GDS after retirement became beggars in so many States unlike you.

6.Livelihood hood for majority of GDS is almost in danger position unlike you.

All most all the GDS recruited in the last decade are suffering a lot with so many problems.(we cant express so many strains because we are working in the world top most prestegious organisation)

Other wise , struggle definitly arises or Deaths of GDS on your account will definitly comes out.

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