Monday, January 22, 2018

News from our GS Shri. BHARAT.B.SHARMA

I met with Shri. V.K.Mauriya  and Shri. Sanjeev Chawla  to DDG(FS) , Director CB, Director ENH , Director  SR & legal and ADG-I (PE) today on 22.01.2018

The following items has been discussed with DDG FS & Director CBS

1. Time Factor

Both officers have been intimated that after roll out of compete CSI. About upto June 2018. The orders regarding time factor of SBCO will be issued.

2. Fraud Case

Both offices have been intimated that history of case to case prepare and submit. We will review the case if no omission has been found on that part of SBCO then the official will be relaxed.

3. Non follow up of instruction issue by the Directorate

As per discussion with DDG FS & Director CBS orders has been issued again to all CPMGs to follow up the Directorate orders strictly and were staff shortage in SBCO provide the postal staff to carried out the SBCO work as per directorate order.

4. Attachment of additional work to SBCO

The DDG FS and Director CBS has told during meeting that orders in this regard have already issued. The SBCO staff couldn’t be utilized other than SBCO work

5. APAR / CR

The DDG FS & Director CBS has intimated during meeting that comments from 8 circles have been obtained. Remainder will again issue in this regard. When comment would receive action will be taken.

6. Cancellation of recognition of AIPSBCOE

Director SR & legal has been intimated that report call for CPMG WB circle in this regards and after the report will receive action will be taken.

7. Delay in issuing TPOB / BCR revision order

ADG I (PE)  has been intimated that remainder has been issued to all CPMG through DDG. Recently file has been put up top remember to member for issue of order again to all CPMGs.

8. Cadre Restructure of SBCO

Director Estt has intimated that file has been sent to Min Fin for order

PS to members banking has informed that, Sir will be available in afternoon. But when I contact PS in afternoon again, he told that Sir has gone one leave suddenly. So, we couldn’t meet Member Banking.


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