Process of Bulk Upload of Aadhaar Number with SB CIF

Process of Bulk Upload

  • Bulk Seeding file should be CSV file format.
  • Only 20000 accounts should be given in one file.
  • This file consists of 2 columns. First column should be Aadhaar Number and Second column should be CBS Account Number.
  • Valid 12 digit AADHAAR NUMBER should be updated in Aadhaar Number field.
  • CBS Account Number should be valid SB account number. No other scheme accounts viz RD,MIS,TD,SCSS, ETC should be updated in this column. Any Direct Benefit Transfer scheme funds if any will be received only in this linked ACCOUNT NUMBER. Hence if any other scheme account is given in this column, updating will fail for this record.
  • On sharing the files in required format, we will upload the files and failure reports will be shared next day. Failure_1, Failure_2 report will be shared. It is presumed that balance records have been successfully seeded with AADHAAR.
  • Bulk uploading is uploading of AADHAAR NUMBER in CIF . Aadhaar number is updated as ADDRESS PROOF currently. CBS Account Number(Valid SB account) is uploaded as Aadhaar Linked Account Number.
  • If Aadhaar Number is invalid or Account number is invalid, record will not be uploaded. This will appear in failure report_1 or failure report _2.​

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