Delhi Janlokpal to have powers to act against Central govt employees

NEW DELHI: In a move that may lead to tussle between the Centre and AAP Government, Delhi Janlokpal will have powers to act against any Government functionary, including those of the Centre.

A senior Government official said that Janlokpal can also investigate the allegations of corruption against officials from Delhi Police, municipal corporations, Delhi Development Authority (DDA).

The Janlokpal will also have its investigation wing which will look into allegations of corruptions in the national capital.

Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia today tabled the Janlokpal Bill according to which ombudsman can investigate the allegations of corruption occurring in the NCT of Delhi on complaints from Government or from member of public or suo motu.

According to the Bill, Janlokpal can also appoint Investigation Officers to be called ‘Janlokpal Investigating Officer’ who will have all the powers of Police Officer under CrPC 1973.

“The Janlokpal may appoint or, with the consent of the Government, designate officers or agencies as Investigation Officers, authorized to investigate offences under this Act,” the proposed Bill stated. (AGENCIES)

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