Monday, November 16, 2015


Non Transmission of Speed Net Communication Files / Non Updation of article Status in Track and trace should be followed in the below steps:
The track & trace at SpeedNet Central Server is dependent on receipt of files from the offices concerned. 
As such, we suggest you to ensure / verify proper transmission of data from SpeedNet Communication to Central Server on day-to-day basis. 
If problem still persists, then in order to diagnose / sort out the technical issues raised by you in this ticket, we require the following input: 
  1. latest copy of EMSClient folder 
  2. Article Numbers booked within 10 days for which despatch scan is not available in track and trace 
Note: The cases, which are older than 10 days, can't be analysed with the contents in SpeedNet Communication (EMSClient) folder.

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