Friday, October 10, 2014

Why Windows 10 Is The Best Ever OS

Windows 10 preview has stepped in the market now and most fortunately you will be able to grab it in the 2015. It seems Microsoft is all set to capture the imagination of mobile and touch screen users and revitalizing its old features to present an innovative experience for the Windows lovers.

It is also very figurative that Microsoft has brought Windows 10 instead of Windows 9 after Windows 8. And if you are eager to note then here are the 5 reasons why Windows 10 will swing your mood pleasant as compiled by

1. More than one desktop for multi-tasking

At times, one has to make use of multiple desktop screens to continue various tasks, to ease your efforts Windows 10 presents the Snap Assist UI that will help the users in grabbing applications from other desktops.

Windows 10 has emerged up with up desktop gaming concept where you can use wide array of programmes all at a time for long periods of time, surely this multi-tasking ability is one exclusive feature that you are going to love in Windows 10.

2. Great news for application developers

From now on, the users will have to intermingle with just a single Windows app store and not different stores for different devices.

One can modify user interface on the device that run on Windows 10, but can also use separate applications on them. You just need a single set of codes for targeting windows application on a personal computer to a full screen application on tablet or smartphone.

So, In comparison to Windows 8, this is a huge step towards advancement because in Windows 8 different apps had to be used for different versions: for instance start screen interface on Windows RT tablets and desktop environment for personal computers and Windows Phone smartphones.

3. Start Menu

What is the most common thing that troubled most of the windows 8 users was that it did not display the Start Menu.

And after a pretty long wait, Microsoft has decided to bring back the Start Menu. It helps the user to search almost everything on your PC; moreover the web results could be sought out here.

Users can check it out on the left hand and front of the user interface. When you click on the menu, it splits up in two columns. The first one includes app style icons and the other includes a traditional list.

4. Apt for businesses

The new Windows 10 is not only engaging the general users but it has its fascination among business too. It provides a platform where the enterprises from now on, can separate corporate data from personal data, thus providing them various levels of security.

This way it allows every businessman to keep his most important and secretive business information away from unwanted people.

5. Better command prompt

And it’s like a big bonanza time for the computer geeks, because Windows 10 improves the command prompt efficiency.

Command Prompt is a feature of Windows that provides an entry point for typing MS‑DOS commands and other computer commands. The most important thing to know is that by typing commands, you can perform tasks on your computer without using the Windows graphical interface.

If you are a computer expert or well acquainted with what to do with the 'Command Prompt', this is one of the finest features you will get in the new Windows 10.

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