Operating Instructions for PRIEST Software

Installation Procedure

1.  The Prerequisite for this software to install is ‘.Net Frame Work 3.5’
2.  In case, this is not available in the system, in which ‘PRIEST’ software is being installed, Please down load it from using above link
3.  Download the installation zip file from the above link.
4.  Install the software by double clicking the set up file.

Circle Configuration

1.  Select Your Circle Name from the List.
2.  Type the Prefix of your Circle Policy Number. i.e., first two Characters of policies of your Circle. [Ex: for Delhi Circle the Policy No is : DL-123457-CS’ , the Please type DL in the box for Policy Prefix. 
3.  Select the status of the Office. Either Divisional or Regional [if the Status is ‘HO’ then select as Divisional Office only ]
4.  Press Save Button for saving the configuration.
5.  Restart the Application once again to get PLI / RPLI Barcodes.

Operating Instructions For PRIEST Software

6.  Generate the PLI / RPLI PR Labels using PLI/ RPLI Web Application under PR label generation 
Report. (As being done regularly. Proposal Men >PR Label Printing->Enter Start Date and End Date 
7.  A PDF file will be generated. Please save this file with some name at a suitable location. 
8.  Now Open PRIEST Application to generate PR Labels with barcodes.
9.  Select the Pr Label File that is generated and saved at Step 2, by clicking on the Browse Option.
10.  After Selecting the File (PR Label file in PDF Format) click on Bar code PR Label Button and wait till the new file with barcodes is generated. The file will automatically open on the screen. Please print the same. 
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