It is very important to know what type of personality you are. This understanding of the self will help you in various fields of your life – while making choices of careers/organizations to work with, in your relationships, in problem solving, etc.

Broadly, thereare six different types of personalities. Let’s discuss them in detail:

1.      PRACTICAL:

They are the realists. Such people are very rational and seek logic in whatever they do. They would not accept things without a reason nor do anything which show no results/benefits. They generally believe that emotions should be kept aside while taking important decisions. They don’t believe in wasting their time and efforts in pursuits of feelings and relations. They believe in ‘doing’; in execution. They love solving problems. They are intellectuals and prefer to have scientific approach to things. They are precise in their thinking and actions and seek precise results. They are generally highly materialistic people. They are very grounded people.

Suggested Careers:         
Administrative jobs, Business, Management, Economists, Mechanics, Engineering, Medicine, etc.

2.     ARTISTIC:

They rely very much on their senses. They are very creative people with very good imagination. They don’t ‘think’ ideas, they ‘feel’ them. They are very emotional. It’s so very easy for them to put themselves in the feet of others! They seek structure and order in things. They are very original in their thinking.They can express themselves, their ideas and thoughts very vividly and easily. They love creating a sensation. Exaggeration is not a vice for them – in fact,it is a virtue.

Fine Arts, Music, Dancing, Creative Writing, Computer Graphics, Fashion Designing, Dramatists, etc.

3.      LEADERS:

They are the enterprising type. They think they are always right and that they are born to lead. Nothing is impossible for them. Just say ‘impossible’ and they will jump at it. They show best results when challenged. They are very energetic and ambitious. They are very minute in their observations and have strongly analytical thinking. They are very good thinkers. You will never hear them say: ‘I am tired’ or ‘I give up’. They have the ability to change the other person’s thinking.

Administrative Officers, Politics, Business, Law and Order, Mountaineers, etc.

4.     SOCIAL:

Theyare the ‘people’s people’. They are most friendly persons. They make friends very easily – they find something common with even the oddest characters. They love being surrounded by people. They love variety and change. They are also good attention seekers. They just love attention. They are also very trustworthy and helpful.  Many of them are involved in philanthropic activities.

Social Activists, Ambassadors, Hospitality Industry, Media World, Therapists, Teachers,etc.


They prefer things the traditional way. They don’t want to venture into anything new; the traditionally set ways and conditions are best for them. Security is very important for them. They prefer to work in a set, systematic manner. They are very good at following orders. They are excellent in organization and implementation. Their sense of perseverance is very strong.

Accountants, Secretarial work, Banking, Insurance, Railways, Teaching, Trading, Stationery Dealer, Printer & Publisher, etc.


They are the investigative types. They want to get to the bottom of everything. They are very intellectual. They have very high levels of patience. They are basically thinkers who want to know the what, why, how, etc. of everything. If involved in searching for something, nobody can deviate them from their path.They love solving mysteries and puzzles. Such people are normally good at persuasion. They will make you see reasons and convince you to accept what they want you to. They can be very moody too.

Mathematicians,Pharmacy, Professors, Judges, Lawyers, Psychologists,etc.

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