Normalcy to be disrupted in central Govt. offices and banks next week

Normal operation in banks and central offices will definitely suffer a lot for the strike called by major unions next week starting from 10th February 2014.

United Forum of Bank Unions are going for a two days' strike on Feb 10 and 11. Major demands include early settlement of wage increase with appropriate percentage of hike. Apart from the branches, mot of the ATMs will also be shut as the security guards also joined the strike. If some unmanned ATMs found open, it will be definitely without cash ! Only alternative available in these two days are net banking and mobile banking but they can not deliver hard cash even in extreme emergency.

After the bank strike is over, it would be the turn of their central employee counterparts. Confederation of central Govt. employees are going to observe another 48 hours shutdown on Feb 12 and 13. Their major demands include merger of D.A., Interim relief, early implementation of next pay commission effect, scrapping of new pension scheme etc. Though Railway and civilian defence employees are not participating in this strike. Civilian defence employees threatened to observe indefinite strike from 17th Feb onwards pressing for the same set of demands. Railway employees have also threatened for strike, but dates are yet to be announced. It may be mentioned here that Rail unions arranged for strike ballot for their members and the employees had given consent for strike in huge numbers. In the other hand, despite being proposed for strike ballot, other central leadership did not care for their members' opinion and called for strike.

When the country is being prepared for election and Central Govt.(Ruling Party) is not in a very comfortable situation, association leaders carefully chose the time for pressing their demands as it had been a general trend that ruling parties like to shell out before election !

But at the end of the day it is none but general public is always in the receiving end for any problems and they become the worst sufferer for any strike. Do the leaders ever think about people who are not working in any organized sector, how do they consider these shutdowns ?


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