Thursday, February 20, 2014

Alleged discrimination in the matter of pay fixation of Ex-servicemen re-employed in Public Sector Banks.

File No. 4/3/2012-SCT(B)/Weifare
Ministry of Finance
Department of Financial Services
Jeevan Deep Building, 
Parliament Street, New Delhi. 
Dated 30th December, 2013.
The Chairman,
Indian Bank's Association,
World Trade Centre Complex,
Centre-I, 6th Floor,
Cuffe Parade, Mumbai-05.
Subject: Alleged discrimination in the matter of pay fixation of Ex-servicemen re-employed in Public Sector Banks.
I am directed to refer to your letter No. HR&IR/KSC/G0VT158917746, dated 27th August, 2013sending therewith 'Draft Guidelines regarding pay fixation of ex-serivicemen/Ex-ECOs/SSCOs in a uniform way to avoid disparity in pay fixation across Public Sector banks and to say that draft guidelines generaOy appear in order.
2. However, before issue of these guidelines to all Public Sector Banks, it is desirable to; ensure that no decision is contradictory to established government policy and that none of these are violative of Department of Personnel & Training (DOP&T) or Ministry of. Defence (MoD) instructions on this subject. Therefore, adding a supporting clause below each decision clarifying- "These provisions have been drawn in terms of Gol, DOP&T's OM/MoD/DFS lefter No dated "would be in the fitness of things. For example,-"Definition of 'Pre-retirement Pay' is as per MoD's letter No. 1169/2008/D(Day/Service) dated 24th July, 2009".

3. Further, the fact whether additional increments to ex-servicemen for acquiring graduation would also be available or not to those who are awarded 'Certificate equivalent to Graduation' by their previous employer also needs to be clarified. Proposed revised guidelines should also include a para clarifying the concept of 'not reckoning ‘MSP' and `X-pay' for the purpose of pay fixation in respect of those Ex-servicemen who have retired from the armed forces and re-employees in PSBs on OF after 1.1.2006'.
4. The date; of implementation of these guidelines, prospective or retrospective and the mode of tackling effect of financial implications, if any also needs to be clarified.
5. Keeping in view above suggestions, kindly issue necessary guidelines at the earliest.
Yours faithfully,
(J.S. Phaugat) 
Under Secretary(Wel.) 

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