“7 Tips For Securing Your Computer”

securecomputer17 simple steps to build a more computing environment that save the precious data on your hard drive from online threats and gives you a better working environment……
1)   Windows remote registry service disable
Disable Remote Registry Service on your local computerWindows remote registry service allows other user to gain access to your computer system registry and modify it. This is useful in situation where you require remote assistance. However, because this future can create more security risks, by disabling remote registry service, you increase your system security.
2)  Microsoft messenger service disable
r00320030702wax01_BMicrosoft messenger service running on your computer can be used to send malicious pop-up messages that contain spam or viruses. By disabling this service, you increase your system security and protect it from external attack designed to exploit this service.
3)   Windows automatic updates future enabling
windows_updat-100011600-origWindows automatic updates future keep your computer up to date with the least software updates and enhancement. The updates are delivered to your computer with minimum interference and require little or on action on your part. by enabling your computer auto update future, you increase your system security and make sure that your computer updates automatically.
 4)   Internet explorer pop-up blocker enabling
EELogoPopupBlockMainInternet explorer pop-up blocker prevents pop-up messages from appearing on your computer. this pop-up messages often contain malicious software and unwanted advertisements. By enabling pop-up blocker, you can increase your  and improve your internet browsing experience.
5)   Internet explorer security setting optimize
ie-esc2When your internet security settings are below recommendation level, your computer is vulnerable to external attack and security breaches. Changing your setting at the medium level helps to protect that your system whenever you use the internet.
6)    Microsoft office macros security optimized
Image001-450x364Macros are user defined series of instructions for a computer.microsoft office macros are script that are executed within a office documents (word, excel etc.) to enhance the application’s capability. however, because macros may contain viruses or malicious code, by setting your macros security to the recommended settings, you make sure that you do not inadvertently infect your computer through macros.
7)    Suspicious auto run file removed
42698b7fcb8c0a0e7913371f0ffa708990f1_12-5detectionwindowAuto run files are file that start up automatically as soon as you access the directory where they are installed. some auto run files may be used to automatically run malicious code, and can make your system vulnerable to external attacks. By removing all Suspicious auto run files ,you increase your system security and protect it from external attacks designed to exploit these file.


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