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Letter to DDG (P) - Cadre re-structuring of Gr. ‘C’ cadre in SBCO.

CHQ/AISBCEU/2014/01                                                                            Dt. 01.01.2014.

Sri V.P.Singh
DDG (P) [Chairman, Cadre Restructuring Committee]
Department of Posts,
Dak Bhavan,
New Delhi 110 001.

            Sub: Cadre re-structuring of Gr. ‘C’ cadre in SBCO.
            Ref: DDG (p)’s proposed meeting with Postal Joint Council of Action
                   on 08.01.2014

                        This is regarding the proposal in connection with SBCO cadre views and demands to consider the same in the Cadre Re-structuring committee for Gr. ‘C’ staff in Post Offices. The All India Savings Bank Control Employees Union is the largest non-federated union in SBCO cadre under Department of Posts secured 69% membership. As there is no representative to this union in the Postal JCA, our Union suggests the following to express our demands and views regarding restructure of SBCO cadre. This may kindly be taken into consideration in the Cadre Restructuring committee.

I.                           The present set of SBCO function is a failure one, since the officials of SBCO could not discharge their auditing work properly due to the direct intervention of Divisional Heads and Postmasters by threatening the SBCO staff not to raise the objections.
II.                        The main reason for the above problems that  they are working under the control of Postmasters and Divisional Heads instead of separate control either under the control of Director, Postal Accounts or Chief Accounts Officer.
III.                        The agreement work in SBCO cadre is a failure one in the past ten years in all Circles due to shortage of staff, increased work load and non submission of daily returns to SBCO in time.

IV.                                 The agreement process is very difficulty due to handling three databases in three different server one for Head Office , another one for Sub office and third one for SBCO which is taking more time in reconciling the discrepancies.

V.                       The maintenance of statistical information and voucher checking only is in progress in all Circles.
Necessity to restructure the SBCO cadre:

a.                 After decentralization, nowadays there are so many frauds in sub offices/Branch Offices due to failure of periodical inspection and in sufficient vigilance.

b.                 Due to none monitoring of sub offices ledger bulk deposit posting, bulk deposits are not brought in to account.

c.                 The depositors money are not brought in to account, even though pass book entries are being made by the sub office officials. These non accounting of Public money are not checked during periodical inspection by the Divisional/Sub Divisional Heads/Inspector of Post offices.

d.                 The Core Banking Solution is under operation in all nationalized Banks and in all the branches and there is no ledger agreement as being done in SBCO. Instead they are doing the Supervisory check with daily agreement Receipt/Payments balance sheet.

e.                 In our Postal Department also, the CBS is under process and it will be introduced shortly in all Head offices.

f.                    Simply saying, the vigilance check has to be improved by making some changes in the SBCO setup with the approval of Cadre Restructuring Committee.

Suggestions to changes in the SBCO setup

1.                  In all the Regions, the SBCO staff has to be brought under the control of Group Officer in the cadre of CAO/Senior AO who is under the direct control of Director, Postal Accounts. Then only, the SBCO staff could discharge their auditing work properly.
2.            The designation of SBCO staff has to be changed as given below according to their nature of work.
Existing Designation
Proposed Designation
Postal Assistant

Junior Auditor [Entry level]
Senior Auditor – Grade-II [Grade Pay-2800]
Senior Auditor – Grade I [Grade pay-4200]
Chief Auditor                    [Grade pay-4600]
Supervisor – LSG
Senior Supervisor – HSG-II
Chief Supervisor – HSG-I
Section Officer – Grade Pay -4800] [GAZ ]
[The Section officer post has to be filled up from the seniority of Chief Auditors. In the set up, the SBCOs may be centralized at Divisional level and after introduction of Core Banking Solution, it may be centralized at Regional level for bigger Circle and Circle level in smaller Circle]

3.                  Changes in the nature of work:
a.                 Maintenance of statistical information for all categories
b.                 Maintenance of Office wise Registers for all categories
c.                 10%  test checking of vouchers for HO transactions other than RD deposits and 2% test checking of RD deposits of each date.
d,        In the Sub offices, the following checks are to be carried out until the introduction of CBS in all the sub offices.

i.                     In r/o of SB category, 5% of vouchers  BAT have to be checked by visiting surprisingly with voucher balance and Sub offices ledger balance at Sub Offices itself In r/o of RD category, 2% of Deposits and 10% of closures/withdrawals have to be checked by visiting surprisingly with voucher balance and Sub offices ledger balance at Sub Offices itself.
ii.                   In r/o of TD/MIS/SCSS  category, 10% of Deposits and 1% of interest payments  have to be checked by visiting surprisingly with voucher balance and Sub offices ledger balance at Sub Offices itself.
iii.                   A One day transaction of all categories marked by the vigilance squad has to be checked for all categories.
iv.                After introduction of Core banking solution in all offices, the percentage checking may be withdrawn for which all the datas would be stored in Centralized server.

e.     If the voucher checking work is ordered at sub offices level directly, the present ledger agreement work in SBCO branches may be withdrawn.

f.        In the present atmosphere, the SBCO branch work must be restructured with a vigilance setup to avoid more number of frauds.
g.     In the proposed CBS, all the SBCOs are to be centralized under Region wise  under the control of Group Officer in the cadre of CAO/Senior AO
This union therefore requests your kind honour to consider views of this union to prevent the frauds by improving vigilance check and also the SBCO staff could discharge their auditing work properly under the direct control of CAO/Director. In the present atmosphere, the Department requires some changes in the vigilance of all Head Offices/Sub Offices.

Our Union may please be called for this meeting for further discussions in this regard.

                 Thanking you, Sir.
                                                                                                                  Yours sincerely,

                                                                                                [R.K.Tandon, General Secretary]

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