Thursday, January 23, 2014

Just for Info : Speed Net Resend Booking and Delivery Message

Resend Speed Post Booking and Delivery Message in Speed Net

In most of the Post Office while Checking Speed Post booking or delivery information not updated in speed net MIS site even execute Speed Net EMS Communication. this is because of some Message information dropped at the time of transmission.

Procedure to update Speed Post Message

  1. Login as Speed Net Supervisor.
  2. Go to Tools > Re Send Booking & Delivery message option.
  3. Select the Resend data option i.e Booked/Delivered/Undelivered article data which you needed.
  4. In delivered articles you have to select date and Office option then Fetch data.
  5. Check the list Articles with manual list if it is correct, Click on Re Send Data.
Execute the Speed Net Communication to transmit above regenerate the message.
Source : POTOOLS

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