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1. The e- IOD service would be offered initially with______
Business Post
Logistic Post
Bill Mail Service
2. bar code would contain
13 character
15 character
16 character
3. Undelivered Acknowledgements cards are to be destroyed after:
15 days
4. A Family Allotment Money Order is remitted by the: -
Defence authorities
Telecom authorities
General members of public
5. e-IOD mean
Electronic intimation on delivery
electronic intimation of dispatch
electronic indication on delivery
6. NBMS means
National business management system
National bill mail service
Notional board of management system
7. Categories of Foreign postal articles are
Letter post & Parcel post
Airmail & Sea mail
Registration post & Ins post
8. The abbreviation ‘UPU’ stands for
United Postal Union
Universal postal union
United Pacific Union
9. Asian Oceanic Postal Union is having its head quarter at
New Delhi
10. India joined the AOPU in the year
11. Label size of foreign article is min & postage paid words should not be less than
70mm X 100mm & 300sq mm
50mm X 80mm & 200sq mm
25mm X 50 mm & 100 sq mm
12. Foreign post manual the terms A.O means
Accounts office of the foreign country
Other subjects
Administrative office of the foreign country
13. In the foreign post for the purpose of fixing surcharges and combined charges all the countries and territories are divided into
Six groups
Seven groups
Five groups
14. The aerogramme in foreign post is a category intended for transmission exclusively by air and the corresponding category in inland post is.
Inland letter card
Oblong envelope
No corresponding category
15. The min and max size permissible for folded aerogramme is
100 X 140 & 120 X 120
90 X 140 & 110 X 120
80 X 140 & 100 X 120
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