Friday, December 27, 2013

AIO Installer by srfix

AIO Installer - CD Autorun utility created by srputtur. Feel the installation work enjoyable through this Tool.
Just select the module and click install.You can watch the sequence of the installation and no more left out installations. 

Browse this CD:
View the content of CD through Window Explorer

All Meghdoot applications are linked through MM7 folder (with POS of Update1)

Musthave Tools
Pre Requisites for a Postal PC.

Due to the bulky size, the following files are not included in the Musthave folder. You may include them to make the Tool fully functional.

For HO only:
Some of the applications for HO which are rarely used, are placed separately. (linked from MM7 folder)

Applications meant for only WCTC/DTC.

Presently linked to Speednet 3.1.2
Still I could not create database through set up of 4.1.1 :(

Folder for keeping software needed only for you.

How to have your own aio DVD ?

Download AIO zipped file and extract it.(AIO Folder)
Download supporting folders and place extracted folders inside AIO folder.
Place this in your System, Pen Drive or burn to a DVD.

To make the DVD Autorun, the contents of the AIO folder must be in DVD root.
(Not AIO Folder)

Download AIO

Download supported Folders (Without these, AIO is not functional):






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