General Knowledge....

1. Who is the father of history? Heradotus
2. who is the father of facebook? Mark Zuckerberg
3. who is the father of computer? Charles Babbage
4. who is the father of internet? Vint serf
5. who is the father of chemistry? Antoine Lavoisier
6. who is the father of psychology? Sigmund Freud
7. who is inventor of google? Sergey Brin, Larry Page
10. Branch of science deals with causes of diseases is- etiology
11. Who built Eiffel tower? French engineer Gustave Eiffel
12. The longest inland waterways in the world is Mississippi river system
13. which country invented the atom bomb? u.s.a
14. The software named SEAMONKEY is used in a computer to Browse the internet
15. who is the tallest man in the world - Robert Wadlow and Sultan Kosen
17. Which medicine is used for the treatment of cough? Levopromazine
18. which is driest place in world? atcama desert
19. length of thar desert? 2,59,000 kilometers
20. Tagline 'Empowering people' is linked with which brand? acer
21. How do plants stand erec? Cellwalls
22. which asian team will be out of the next fifa world cup for the first time after a gap of 20 years? iran
23. who awarded the indira gandhi peace prize of the year 2010? PM Sheikh hazina
24. When does mahatma gandhi born? October 2,1869
25. what is called master blaster? schin tendulkar
26 who took first wicket in ipl3 chaminda vaas
27. Who is Finance Minister in 2010 ? parnab mukhraji
28. In which state kalahasthi is situated? andhra pradesh
29. when was french east india company was started? 1664
30. what is india's national flower? lotus
31. In which Plant called this potinical name' HIBISCUS ROSANAS' CHAMBARAUTHI
32. which is the oldest and no.1 nationalized bank? state bank of india
33. In which year "Dandi Yatra' is done by Mahatma Gandhi? 1930
34. Who was the fourth Prime minister of India? MorarJi Desai
35. Maximum possibble no. of seats in Indian Loksabha is? 552
36. world largest gravity dam is located in India
37. who invented watch ? noah's ark
38. who is the first women freedom fighter jhansi rani
39. what is the native place of mother teresa? cecozlovakia
40. the last tale of shakespere? the tempest
41. how many legs did a butterfly had? 6
42. when the twin tower destroy? sept. 11,2001
43. what is the capital of china bejjing
44. what is the capital of india? delhi
45. who gave the slogan '"YES WE CAN" during his presidential campaign? barak obama

46. Niagara Falls was discovered by - Louis Hennepin
47. Who is the first women ips officer in india? kiran bedi
48. which is the sugar bowl of world? cuba
49. who is invented in penicillin? alexander flemming
50. In absence of both the president and vice president who serves the office of the president of india?? Chief justice of india
51. who is the general-secretary of united nations at present? Ban ki moon
52. who is the vice president of india ? mohammad hamid ansari
53. Who was the youngest President of the USA? -Theodore Roosevelt
54. How many legs do butterflies have? 6 Legs & 2 Pair of Wings
55. who invented radiummadam curie
56. What is the common name for ascorbic acid? Vitamin C
57. Which useful household item is made from naphthalene? Mothballs
58. The first President of Bangladesh was Sheikh Mujibur Rahman
59. The longest highway in the world has a length of About 8000 km
60. Who invented the Nintendo Wii? Kashi Kabushiki
61. What year does the Nintendo Wii come out? Late 2006
62. Who invented the Light Bulb? Humphry Davy
63. Who invented the washing machine? James King
64. Who invented the first electric washing machine? Alva Fisher
65. Who invented the safety pin? Walter Hunt
66. Who invented the Vacuum Cleaner? Hubert Booth
67. Who won the Football World Cup in 2006? Italy
68. Which country hosted the Football World Cup in 2006? Germany
69. Who is the new Prime Minister of the United Kingdom? David Cameron
70. Who won Men's Singles title in French Open 2010? Rafael Nadal (Spain)
71. Who won Women's Singles title in French Open 2010? Francesca Schiavone (Italy)
72. Who won Men's Doubles title in French Open 2010? Daniel Nestor (Canada) & Nenad Zimonjic (Serbia)
73. Who won Women's Doubles title in French Open 2010? Serena & Venus Williams (USA)
74. What is the longest word in English in which each letter is used at least two times? Unprosperousness
75. What is the most popular breed of dog? Retrievers
76. Who is the CEO of search company Google? Eric Schmidt
77. Who is Miss USA 2010? Rima Fakih
78. Which country won the Thomas Cup title for Badminton in 2010? China
79. Who was the first Indian to join the Indian Civil Services? Satyendranath Tagore
80. Who was the first woman Governor of India? Sarojini Naidu
81. Which two countries have signed the Nuclear Swap deal with Iran? Brazil and Turkey
82. Who won the Madrid Masters men's tournament in 2010? Rafael Nadal
83. Who is CEO of Yahoo? Carol Bartz
84. Who is the first man to climb Mount Everest without oxygen? Phu Dorji
85. How many words can you make from a five letter word by shuffling the places of each alphabet? 120
86. Speed of computer mouse is measured in which unit? Mickey
87. Who topped Forbes list of 'Billionaire Universities' in 2010? Harvard University
88. Barack Obama's birthday is on which date? August 4, 1961
89. Which bird is the international symbol of happiness? Bluebird
90. What is the pirate's flag with the skull and cross-bones called? Jolly Roger

91 The country known as the Land of White Elephant is - Thailand
92 The country known as the Land of Morning Calm is - Korea
93 The country known as the Land of Thunderbolts is - Bhutan
94 The highest waterfalls in the world is the Salto Angel Falls, - Venezuela
95 The largest library in the world is the - United States Library of Congress, Washington DC
96 The author of Harry Potter Books is - JK Rowling
97 Nickname of New York city is - Big Apple
98 What do you call a group of sheep? - A Flock of Sheep
99 In which sport do players take long and short corners? - Hockey
100 Who invented the first motor car in Germany in 1886 - Karl Benz
101 who is the richest man in the world 2011 - Carlos Slim

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