First in World

Chairman of Peoples Republic of ChinaMao-Tse-Tung
President of the Chinese RepublicDr. Sun Yat Sen
President of USAGeorge Washington
Chinese Traveller to IndiaFahein
Foreign Invader to IndiaAlexander the Great
Person to reach South PoleAmudsen
Person to reach North PoleRobert Pearey
Person in SpaceYuri Gagarin
Person on MoonNeil Armstrong
Lady to Climb Mount EverstJunko Taibei
European to visit ChinaMarco Polo
Place where atom bomb was droppedHiroshima
Man to walk in SpaceAlexei Leonov
Women cosmonaut in SpaceValentina Tereshkova
Woman Prime Minister of a countryMrs. Srimavo Bhandarnaike
Women President of a countryMaria Estela Peron
First north-south crossing of AustraliaBurke, Robert O'Hana (1860-1861)
First sea journey around the worldMagellan

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