First Heads of States (World)

The first President of the USAGeorge Washington
The first Prime Minister of Great BritainWalpole
The first President of the Chinese Republic (1912)Sun Yat-Sen
The first Chairman of the Central Government of the People's Republic of China formally established in Peking in October, 1949Mao Tse-tung
The first Governor-General of PakistanMohammad Ali Jinnah
The last king of FranceLouis Philippe
The first ever woman Prime Minister of a country in the worldMrs S. Bandaranaike (Sri Lanka)
The first woman to become Prime Minster of a country twiceMrs S. Bandaranaike
First Visitors, Invaders
The first European invader on Indian SoilAlexander the Great
The first European to visit ChinaMarco Polo
The first Chinese pilgrim who came to IndiaFa-hein
The first British Prime Minister to visit IndiaHarold Macmillan
The first President of the USA to visit IndiaD. Eisenhower
The first Soviet Prime Minister to visit IndiaV.I. Bulganin

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