Money transfer through post offices just got easier. IndiaPost, in association with the Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL), launched “Mobile money transfer” service in the Karnataka Circle here on Friday, wherein money can be transferred from one post office to another across the country.
The service is available in over 7,000 post offices across 13 States as of now. In Karnataka, the service is available at more than 400 post offices, of which 340 are in villages.

How it works
A sender can transfer anywhere from Rs. 1,000 up to Rs 10,000. He/she should pay the money at the post office where the service is available. A transaction id will be sent as an SMS notification to both the sender and the recipient from the designated India Post mobile handset. A secret code will also be sent to the sender’s mobile number which has to be orally told to the recipient.
The service providers will deduct a commission of Rs. 45 for mobile money transfer for Rs. 1,000 to Rs 1,500, Rs. 79 for transfer of Rs. 1,501 to Rs. 5,000 and Rs. 112 for transfer of Rs. 5,001 to Rs. 10,000.
The recipient should then visit the post office where the service is available, show the SMS at the counter, and money will be given to him/her after the secret code is filled in a form. The recipient has to show the mobile message and an address proof.

Within India
Spelling out the difference between India Post’s mobile money transfer and inter-bank money transfer during the launch, M.S. Ramanujam, Chief Postmaster-General, Karnataka Circle, said this service is confined to India. “We are the first players to provide this service in the domestic market. This is expected to help many sectors including migrants who are working in different States and who want to send money to their family members in different places,” he said.
Chief General Manager, BSNL, R.K. Mishra said the service would benefit rural masses as there are more than 1,500 post offices in Karnataka. “I expect that the service will be extended to all the post offices across the State,” he added.