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About RNet

Frequently Asked Questions
R Net Overview

What is R Net?
R Net is an Add on to existing process of delivering Registered Articles. Where articles will be booked with Barcodes and tracking details will be provided to customer as in case of Speed Articles.

Only few dates my office shown under R Net enabled offices?
R Net enabled offices MIS is depends on following points
1 That Day your office might have not communicated to Server through R Net Communication application.
2 That day your office have not used Barcodes for booking or
3 Check Next FAQ Point.

My Office is not available / reflecting on R Net Enabled Office MIS?
Check one of the following point

* Local Meghdoot Applications Pincode and Non Delivery Code is matching with R Net Central server master data.
* Once Articles are fetched in Despatch application for Bag Closing. Booked articles will reflect in R Net MIS.
* Check R Net Communication is running.
* Your Office may not be Using Barcodes for Booking.
* If Point of Sale installed for Speed Post then your office booking data will not reflect on R Net MIS so follow the steps given below
1 Login to Point of Sale Supervisor
2 Select menu My Office -> Environment
3 Change Office Type as Post Office
4 Restart Computer where R Net Communication is installed.
* If all of the above points are satisfactory. Please give a request for Office Master, upload it and restart R Net Communication.

How Post Office will configure Due Bags?
For Post Offices Due Bag configuration has to be done by concern System Administrator locally in Despatch module. If any office is not available for Bag Configuration follow the steps given below

1 Give a request for Office Master from R Net communication and then check if still office is not available for Bag Configuration follow step 2
2 Office Master verification from concern division either haven't mentioned that office or verified data itself is not received to CEPT.

How RMS Office will configure Due Bags (Due Mail List)?
For RMS offices concern Divisional SA will do the Due Bag configuration on Website using CRC Web Users supplied by CEPT If any office is not available for Bag Configuration follow the steps given below

1 Give a request for Office Master from R Net communication and then check if still office is not available for Bag Configuration follow step 2
2 Office Master verification from concern division either haven't mentioned that office or verified data itself is not received to CEPT.

Which office needs to be upgraded under R Net?
* All computerised Post Offices.
* Registration Centre of RMS sorting offices.

What are pre-requisites for R Net?
* Use of Barcode for all kind of Registered Articles in Booking offices.
* Barcode Scanner.
* Internet Connectivity to concern office.

What is Article Barcode format?
Example: RM42462921IN

What is Bag Barcode format?
Example: RMB0000000005

How to Know the R Net enabled Offices?
* Login R Net MIS url with common credentials
* Select R Net Enabled offices menu
* Provide your Circle / Region / Division details and view report.

What are benefits of R Net?
* Know the current status of Register article on Internet.
* Reduce the no of Search Bill for Register articles.
* Direct approach for customer complaints to the last destination office in tracking details.

Which Meghdoot Version onwards R Net started?
Meghdoot Millenium 7.0

Which Meghdoot application has to be upgraded in R Net implementation?
* Point of Sale
* Despatch
* Postman

Which URL shall we use for R Net MIS?
R Net MIS web site (URL) is as follows

What are the Login credentials for R Net MIS web application?
User ID : dop
Password : india

What is Installation Sequence for R Net?
* Post Office
- Upgrade / Install Point of Sale
- Upgrade / Install Postman
- Install R Net Communication
- Register the Certificate for R Net Communication
- Configure R Net Communication path in POS-Despatch and Postman application

* Sorting Office
- Install R Net Client
- Install R Net Communication
- Register the Certificate for R Net Communication
- Configure R Net Communication path in R Net Client

General Instructions:
* Non Delivery code in all the Meghdoot application should be configured same. And it should match with R Net Office master data on web.

* Keep R Net Communication always running it will help for Virtual Messages flow for next office.

* Two delivery offices with Same Pincode should not have the same Non Delivery code.
For example: Following configuration is not correct. Non delivery codes should be different.
Office Name Pincode Non Delivery Code
ITTIGEGUD 570010 00

Frequently Asked Questions
Point of Sale


Where I can configure my Circle Name?
Select option under Supervisor -> My Office -> Environment.

How to enable the barcode scanning feature for booking of registered articles in Point of Sale?
Select the ‘Barcode on Inland Registered Article option under
Supervisor -> My Office -> Environment -> My Office
Circle name also should be configured using the same menu option.

Why all the barcode numbers are not accepted for booking?
The barcode prefixes for each circle are fixed by the Directorate. Only the barcode numbers starting with the approved barcode prefix will be accepted by PointofSale.

Frequently Asked Questions


After implementation of R Net what steps I have to perform in Despatch application?
* Request for Office Master from R Net Communication.
* Update office master data from Despatch Supervisor option.
Supervisor -> Tools -> Update Office Master
* Configure all Due Bags properly be removing “Red” coloured entries.
* Configure the R Net Communication folder path in Supervisor options.
Supervisor -> Tools -> R Net Communication Path

How I can Add / Modify due bags for my Office?
* Select option Master -> Due Bag from Despatch supervisor.
* Use Add or Modify tab.

Note: Office Master should be available in local database.

While configuring Due Bags. Few Offices are not available in list?
* Login to R Net website with dop user (password is india).
Check under Office Master View those offices are available.
* If offices are available
1 Give Office Master Request using R Net Communication
2 Update officemaster through Despatch Application

* If offices are not available
1 Request to your Division Office give Office Master Verified data

What is Special Journal Articles file format for upload?
* File which contains the Special Journal Articles must be a TXT file.
* Character for field separation (delimiter) is |#| should be used.
* Destination field should not contain any one special character i.e. (/ , \ , ; , : , - , & , % , @ , # , ^ , ! , * ).

* First line in below format should not be included in file this is for understanding only.
16:05 13/07/2010|#|SS 5|#|MumbaI|#|400001|#|RL|#|EE00000083IN|#|Ganesh Kharat|#|Ramnagar Cidco
16:05 13/07/2010|#|SS 6|#|DelHi|#|110011|#|RLAD|#|EE00000091IN|#|Dipak Chaudhari|#|Pandharpur
16:05 13/07/2010|#|SS 7|#|Aurangabad|#|431001|#|VPL|#|EE000001915IN|#|Sunayana Dambale|#|Aurangabad

What are the Fields and Data Types for Special Journal Articles?
Column Name Data Type Example
Date datetime 16:05 13/07/2010
ReceiptNumber varchar/string(4) 1982
Destination varchar/string(30) MumbaI
Pincode numeric(6) 400001
ArticleType varchar/string(10) RL
Barcode varchar/string(13) EE00000091IN
Addressee Name varchar/string(30) Ganesh Kharat
Addressee Address varchar/string(30) Mysore

Some article types are not available for Bag / Bundle closing or at the time of fetching from counter, what I have to do?
Please follow the below given instructions
* Select option Master -> Abstract Type from Despatch Supervisor.
* Click on “Restore Default” Button.

When Log in as Despatch Operator application prompt error message as below “Few Due Bags are not configured properly. Login as Supervisor and Modify records.” ?
* Log in as Despatch -> Supervisor -> Tools -> Due Bag
* Clear all Red Entries / Error entries i.e. modify in Due Bag configuration.

How to delete unwanted Due Bags in despatch?
If you cannot delete the Unwanted Due Bags then follow the following steps for deletion of those due bags.
* Take a backup of Counter database
* Delete your old data from POS System Administrator login. (Keep only for past 18 months data in system).
* If you have not used the concern due bag for the last 18 month you can delete that entries through Despatch Supervisor -> Master -> Due Bag -> Add Tab.

While adding Due Bags Despatch application prompt error message “Clear the Wrong Entries before adding any due bag”, what I have to do?
Before adding any Due Bags, first Modify the Bag Details which are Red Colour Entries.

While Preparing a Register Bag if a message comes like this “For your Circle XXX Bag Barcode should start with ZZZ” or “For your Circle XXX REGB Bag Barcode should be in between 1111111111 and 2222222222.” Then what I have to do ?
For each circle fixed REGB Bag Barcode has been made and its length should be 13 characters used in the following format
For example Karnataka Circle : RBK1111111111

When receiving articles from Special Journal Articles booked for Local delivery are not coming, what is the Problem?
This version, if your office is Delivery office (i.e. ND code is 00) then local delivery articles booked under Special Journal will be excluded for receipt in Despatch application, but these articles will be available in Postman module for delivery.

What is the procedure of Despatch of Speed Post Articles?
* Delivery Office:
Speed Articles should be despatched using Speed Net application. While receiving articles from counter exclude the Speed Articles.

* Non Delivery Office:
Speed Articles should be fetched for Speed Bag closing.

Frequently Asked Questions


I am not able to fetch Local delivery Special Journal Articles?
Update your Postman application with Meghdoot 7.0 version.

What can be done if an article is physically present in the bag, but data is not electronically received at the office?
The physically received article can be invoiced as normal article through ‘Receipts’ option in Post Sorting screen.

What can be done if an article is not physically received, but data received electronically?
If the article is not missent, the electronically received details of the article can be disposed with help of ‘Dispose’ button provided in ‘Direct Delivery/ Deposit’ screen. Otherwise go for missent redirection option.

What can be done if details of bag are electronically received at the office many days after the physical bag was received and disposed?
The electronically received bag can be disposed at Registered Bag Details screen without opening it. Please note that if a bag is disposed, bag and article details in the bag will not be available anywhere in Postman application.

What is the procedure to take returns of virtual articles?
The returns of virtual articles can be taken through option ‘Returns -> Registered Articles’ which is being used for normal articles. There is no difference between virtual and normal articles once they are invoiced.

Will message get created for articles that are not received electronically also?
Message will get created for all bar-coded articles depends on the returns remarks.

How to fetch special journal articles meant for local delivery?
"Fetch from Counter" option in Postman 7.0.0 supervisor fetches special journal articles meant for local delivery, along with counter booked articles.

What can be done if error message "Folder for Messages not available.Aborting.."
occurred at the time of postman day-end?
Please provide RegisterNet Communication path, in Postman Supervisor -> Environment -> General Tab.

Frequently Asked Questions
R Net Client for Sorting Offices

R Net Installation

What path should be given for database creation?
Any folder path can be given where minimum free space is 100 MB. But if you have windows 7 operating system installed in your computer, please give path other than ‘C’ drive.

Which OS version of Windows are compatible?
It is compatible for all the versions Windows XP onwards.

My SQL Server name is not coming at the time of installation of R Net?
Please check whether your server process is running or not? If it is running and still the name is not coming, then enter the name manually and give the credentials and install the application.

What are the Pre-requisites for the installation of R Net?
1 .Net Framework 3.0
2 Crystal Report
Both these pre-requsites are available in Installation CD.

R Net Configurations

My office name is not coming in the Office Configuration menu?
This is because you have not verified office master data correctly for your division. Please mail to CEPT Mysore on with the details of the office to be added and wait for the patch to be received from the CEPT Mysore.

My Office Pincode is coming wrong in the list?
This is because you have not verified office master data correctly for your division. Please mail to CEPT Mysore on with the details of the office to be added and wait for the patch to be received from the CEPT Mysore.

What user I should create first at the time of installation?
You should always create supervisor user first at the time of first installation, else login to the software will not be possible.

What are the pre-configured items in R Net?
R Net is having Articles Type, Bag Type and Bundle Type preconfigured.

How I can add any type in the preconfigured option?
It is not possible for the user to add to preconfigured options. If any addition is to be done by rule, please forward the copy of the same to CEPT Mysore on with required details and after ascertaining the requirement, solution will be given.

I am not getting any records in preconfigured option?
It is because your database is not properly created. Please create the database once again and then check.

There are no records available in set master option?
For this first ensure that, you have configured sets on the website with your CRC user credentials, if they are configured, then request the server for the set master through R Net communication.

I am getting an error at the time of user creation?
Mail the error with Screen shot to CEPT Mysore at

R Net Transaction

There are no records in receipt and close bag master, even if set day begin is done?
A- This may be because either you have not requested the server for the due bag configuration from the central server or you have not done the due bag configuration on the website for your CRC.

There are no sets coming at the day begin of the set?
This may be because sets are not available in your office. Request for the set master to the server from the R Net communication.

No RSAs are coming for job allocation?
It is because you have not configured the designations in the designation master. Please create the RSAs through the same option.

No users are available for the job allocation?
No users are crated for the job allocation and hence the said error is coming. Please create the users though users option is master configuration.

No data is showing for consolidated abstract?
You have not done the shift end of the user. Please do the shift end and then check.

For Job allocation the RSA doesn’t comes once again, if shift is ended early?
This has been added because for one RSA only once a job allocation can be done for one set.

Bag Receipt option is not opening?
This is because receipt bag master is not available. Please give a request for the due bag configuration from the central server.

I am not able to transfer articles to other RSAs?
Please check you have done the allocation of the job to other RSAs then only transfer articles option will work.

In transfer articles only IL and INS VPL article types are coming?
This is because transfer articles option is available only for insured articles. Other articles can be closed directly by RSA without any checking.

How I can see the report of articles received by RSA?
Under Supervisor -> Miscellaneous Reports -> Articles Received
Option is given to view articles received by RSA.

Where I can see the detailed entry done by RSA?
Under Supervisor -> Miscellaneous reports -> articles received
Option is available, from where report about the same can be seen.

Can I take printout of the registered list of the bag closed after wards?
Yes, it can be either taken from concerned RSAs from the operator option by directly entering the bag number and if it is not available, in Supervisor -> Miscellaneous Reports -> Articles Closed and its report printing option is available.

How HVMO list can be included while closing of the bags?
A- It can be done by simple selecting the check box of HVMO given in the bag closing option in the operator menu.

I am not able to view the abstract for the RSAs?
There is no provision of abstract for the RSAs now in the new system. Only consolidate abstract for the supervisor of the concerned set is available. An operator can view ‘articles data entry’ option to see for the work he has done.

Even after doing job allocation, my name is not appearing for login?
Please check the from time and to time with date for which the job is allocated.

Some offices are not appearing for the receipt or closing bag option?
Your office may not be having latest due bag configuration data which is configured at the central server. Please run the communication and take the latest due bag master configuration data.

I am getting another error than stated in FAQ?
Mail the error to CEPT Mysore on with the screenshot of the error.

Frequently Asked Questions
R Net Communication

Where R Net Communication needs to be installed?
R Net communication will be installed for Post Office as well as RMS / Sorting Offices. At the time of installations application will prompt the office type for which you are installing R Net Communication either Post Office or Sorting Office.

How to Register Certificate?
From R Net Communication installations folder execute "RegisterCACft.exe".

R Net communication is running but messages are not receiving?
From R Net Communication installation Log folder see the respective date log file and mail to CEPT Mysore.

Where to configure R Net Communication folder path?
Prior to configure please ensure that you have shared R Net Communication folder with full permissions.
At following offices R Net Communication has to be installed
* Post Office
1 Despatch
2 Postman

* Sorting Office
1 R Net Client

Is there seperate R Net communication available for Training?

After R Net communication installation what requests should be given server?
You have to request following configuration to server
1 Set Master (This request should be given first)
2 Due Bag Master (After receipt of Set Master this request should be given)

Frequently Asked Questions
R Net Web

Which URL shall we use for R Net MIS?
R Net MIS web site (URL) is as follows

What are the Login credentials for R Net MIS web application?
User ID : dop
Password : india

For Sorting Office CRC users, Log in credentials will be supplied after request to CEPT Mysore.

How to view office Booking / Delivery data on MIS?
* Login to R Net MIS URL with above given credentials.
* Use Articles Booked / Articles Delivered menu.
* Provide required period dates and click on “Submit” button.
* If you want to Drill down next level MIS data Click on Circle/Region/Division name..

How I can track my Registered Letter?
* Login to R Net MIS URL with above given credentials.
* Use Articles Tracking menu and provide your article barcode number and click on “Track” button.


* Open India Post website
* Use Track Mail Items option to Track Registered Article.

How to Request to create user for Registration Centre ?
Following details are required to create the Registration Centre on Central Server, if these details are not provided user for your Registration Centre will not be created

* Sorting Office Name
* Circle Name
* Region Name
* Division Name
* Pincode
* Non Delivery Code

These above details should be communicated to CEPT Mysore for user creation from proper channel. Request to create user for Registration Centre can be sent by FAX on 0821 - 2440526.

How to Configure the Set data on Web Application?
* Login with your CRC Credential to R Net url
* Use Set Configuration menu to enter set details.

How to fetch the Master Configuration data to local database from web?
Request for Master data should be given using R Net communication application and R Net communication should be always in running condition.

How to Add Due Bag for Sorting Offices?
Steps to Add Due Bags for Sorting Office are as follows
* Login with your CRC Credential to R Net url
* Use Receipt Bag/ Due Bag option in "Due Bag Config" menu to Bag details.
* Provide from and to offices Circle, Division, Office Name, Pincode, ND Code, Set Number details.

What is mean by Update Registration Centre?
Update Registration Centre mean on web you have to fill the details of your RMS Offices such as Name of In-charge, Telephone, Fax number, emails, Internet Mode etc. To update these details you have to log on with your Registration Centre credentials.

At the time of Due Close / Receipt bag configuration Destination office is not available?
In such cases please ascertain first whether that destination office for which you want to configure due bag is exist physically or it is downgraded to lower office type. If it is not downgraded and its details are not available at R Net web please report that office details like Office Name, Pincode, Non Delivery code, Division Name, Region Name and Circle Name to CEPT, PTC Mysore either by Fax or email.

I forgot my Registration Centre password how I can reset?
Through your proper channel please send a Fax to CEPT Mysore to Reset Password.


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