Saturday, June 1, 2013

World No-Tobacco Day 2013 Kick the butt, add more years to your life



World No-Tobacco Day 2013  Kick the butt, add more years to your life



Why 'World No Tobacco Day' is observed

On May 31 every year, the world observes World No Tobacco Day (WNTD) that is promoted by the World Health Organization (WHO). The objective of observing World No Tobacco Day is to reduce tobacco consumption which can lead to deadly diseases like cancer and early death. Individuals, non-profit organisations and public health organisations actively participate in making this day a success by distributing placards and displaying posters with the latest information on the ill-effects of consuming tobacco and smoking. Some of the other topics include smoking and lung diseases and current concepts in management of lung cancer.

World No Tobacco Day primarily focuses on encouraging users to refrain from tobacco consumption and its related products for a period of at least 24 hours.

World No Tobacco Day was first observed in 1987, after a cabinet of the WHA (World Health Assembly) passed a motion supported by the WHO, with guidelines to manage and curb tobacco consumption. No Tobacco Day also aims to keep a watch on companies that sell cigarettes and other tobacco products through striking advertisements which influence people to consume their product. To propel its cause and appeal globally, WHA selects a fresh theme every year. The theme of World No Tobacco Day 2011 was ‘WHO Framework Convention No Tobacco Control (WHO FCTC)’ that was formed after much observation and in response to the growing tobacco usage. And the theme of World No Tobacco Day 2012 was "tobacco industry interference".

On No-Tobacco Day the attempt is to draw public and government attention on the need to take effective measures to prevent tobacco consumption which contaminates the air we live in. So, if your dream is to live in a pollution-free environment, then Anti- Tobacco Day 2013 is the right time to express your support to help create a safe and healthy environment for future generations. In India, World No Tobacco Day is observed with fervour. The government, individuals and public health organisations organize health camps and rallies to create a tobacco-free society. 

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