Saturday, May 18, 2013

SYSTEM ADMINISTRATOR: Rnet communication problem

SYSTEM ADMINISTRATOR: Rnet communication problem:

Though RNet communication is running and showing no errors, the office data might not be transmitted and appeared in RNet MIS. This problem is due to the creation of a text file with name trxcheck.txt in the C:\Program Files\RegisterNet Communication\TXD folder. Whenever we delete this file and run RNet communication again, some files transmitted and trxcheck.txt file is again created. A solution for automatic deletion of trxcheck.txt file and ensure successful running of RNet communication is given by Sri. Shivaram through

Download Logkiller.exe and place it in C:\Program Files\RegisterNet Communication\ and create a shortcut in Desktop. (Running from other locations may through error message that Messages folder not available)

Further, double click Logkiller shortcut. This will launch RNet Communication deleting the trxcheck Log file if available. You may also rename the shortcut name and change the icon of the shortcut with icon of R NetCommunication.exe

Always run RNet communication through Logkiller. Once run, please close RNet and when needed run it through Logkiller so that trxcheck file is deleted before transmission.

This will ensure smooth running of RNet Communication.

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