Release of New version of ePost Software.

The enhanced new version of ePost software is ready for release.  The main features of new version are given below for all the three types of users (Retail, Prepaid and Corporate):
a)    Multilingual feature has been added in the Text editor where Operator type the message in the Text box in the desired language.  11 languages have been provided for  in our system – Hindi, Tamil (Ambili, Karthika, Revathy), Malyalam, Orriya, English, Assam, Gujarat, Konkari, Sanskrit, Marathi, Manipuri.
b)    *.Pdf file Upload
c)    Many to One-Many Senders sending message to One person/recipient.
d)    Pre-Paid Cash module - On line registration and then payment of CASH at the ePost – Post Office counter to get the account activated
e)     Re-Printing of ePost message-here operator send a request to Circle, once gets approved by the Circle ePost coordinator the message printout could be taken by the operator.
f)     Creation of ePost centre and its user ID at the Circle level, creation of Region user ID, creation of Division user ID at the Regional level, creation of PM user at the Division level and re-setting of pwd  by the circle of it’s region/division as per their hierarchy.
g)    Download of MIS – Report etc. in. pdf, excel format.

h)   Auto Corporate Bill generation and its’s delivery on the corporate user e-mail account. 
i)     eGreetings-Uploading of greeting by the directorate and provision for  sending of eGreetings has given to Retail, Prepaid and Corporate user.
j)     Circle can change the mapping of the pincode.
k)    Corporate user have been given privilege to create Template using Multilingual feature, they have been also provided Scan, Text, PDF option for sending ePost.
Feature for APS Users:-
l)     Corps Mapping incorporated into this new system
m)  FPO Pincode-Display of FPO pincode only while booking of ePost, no name of the centre will come now onwards – this is as per instruction from APS Directorate.
n)   Debit Army ePost option provided.
o)    Now all the data pertaining to APS would reside at APS on their server at their location at 1CBPO – ePost centre.
p)    Now on the main ePost system i.e. central server data will have the record of message send from or to APS.
q)    Communication between central server and APS server would get established through Web services.
2.       Corporate Customer have to be informed by their respective Postal Circle that they would be losing all their created templates and have to create new template in the new version of application s/w using Multilingual font feature
3.       The new version of ePost software will be released on 12th December 2012
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