Thursday, November 1, 2012

Problems facing in MPCM 7.0 APS Version which has been recd from R&D Cell APS Centre

i)       SDS Report is not generating
ii)      Parcel Report is not generating
iii)    The 13 digit barcode RL No which are booked in civil POs  are not accepting in data  entry dispatch module.
iv)    Articles received from other FPOs for further despatch are not accepting in data entry, because the data entry module will accept only 13 digit barcode articles.  But we are not booking the Register letters using barcode. No options to change this conditions in this software
v)       No option is available to add new Speed post city.
vi)    Speed Post rate has been revised wef 01 Oct 2012.  The revised rate changes made in the Tarrif menu is showing incorrect value after calculating 12% Service tax and 3% Edn cess. The merger option of fraction value is not available in this software.  The new patch for rate change for MPCM 7.0 APS version is needed.

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